Meet the Makers: Get to Know Milky Mama Founder Krystal Nicole Duhaney

'It’s our mission to educate, support, and empower parents'

By Melissa Alcorn July 10, 2020

When Krystal Nicole Duhaney returned to work after having her second child, she found herself struggling with her milk supply (raise your hand if you can relate). She quickly realized that there were few resources for breastfeeding mamas in the same situation. 

Knowing that she had to figure out a way to increase her supply, she turned to her knowledge as a registered nurse and her love for baking. The result? A delicious milk-making cookie recipe that dramatically increased her supply. It was too good not to share with other mothers facing the same issue, and so in November of 2015 Milky Mama was born.

Fast forward to today and Milky Mama is an entire line of lactation treats and beverages designed to promote breast milk production, such as lactation cookies, brownies, Lactation LeMOOnade, Lactation Smoothie Mix, herbal supplements, and more. The brand also offers a community of support for women on their breastfeeding journey

Read on to learn more about Milky Mama, directly from their founder, Krystal, who has helped countless new moms with their breastfeeding struggles.

What advice would you give to a mom with an idea?

The best piece of advice I have for a mom with an idea is to GO FOR IT and be ready for the ride! Starting a business is exciting, scary, and a bit overwhelming. Make sure it’s something you are truly passionate about and it’ll all be worth it. It’s easy to get so caught up with all that encompasses being a business owner, that you neglect yourself. Self-care is vital to maintaining your mental health, combatting decision fatigue, and will make you a more focused mompreneur.

What’s something you’d love for the world to know about Milky Mama that they won’t necessarily glean from your social media channels? 

Milky Mama is more than just a lactation treat company. We are a full-spectrum parenting support system that provides prenatal support, birth support, breastfeeding support, and weaning support through the help of our amazing doulas and lactation consultants. We also assist employers with supporting their breastfeeding and pumping employees through our “Moms At Work” program. It’s our mission to educate, support, and empower parents to have the best parenting journey possible.

If you had to pick, what is your favorite item from your product line and why? 

My favorite item from our product line is definitely our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookie. This cookie was the first product I created and is what started it all. I remember nursing my newborn daughter and eating my delicious, fresh-baked lactation cookie and dreaming up all the amazing things that Milky Mama is today!

What's your favorite story/testimonial that you’ve heard about Milky Mama? 

My favorite testimonial is from a mother who had battled clogged ducts, mastitis, pain while latching, and had no support or education regarding how to properly latch her baby. She came to us on the verge of giving up. We assisted her with properly latching her baby, showed her how to determine if her baby was getting enough milk, and helped her increase her supply. She messaged us on her one year breastfeeding anniversary to report that she had been breastfeeding, pain-free, for an entire year thanks to the support she had received from Milky Mama.

As a mom, what's your absolute favorite baby product? 

My absolute FAVORITE baby product was my Ergo Baby Carrier. As a busy mom and business owner, being able to keep my baby close, whip out a boob and nurse, all while preparing orders to ship was a lifesaver.  

What are the most important elements in your life that allow you to create boundaries and balance? 

Yoga, meditation, and my amazing family! I meditate and practice yoga almost daily and it really helps me maintain my mental and physical health while decompressing the stressors of the day. My amazing husband has always been my biggest supporter and is an excellent teammate. We make sure to remain present and connect as a family in our daily activities and take advantage of any moment to laugh and have fun.  


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