Top Parenting Hacks by Moms Today!

By Gwendolyn Dattage, Publisher of St. George Macaroni Kid November 13, 2020

Being a parent is hard work! Who could use a little help when it comes to raising kids? I know I am always on the lookout for the best parenting hacks and found some amazing ones that will help you save money, save time, and ultimately save your sanity! 

Parenting Hack #1

Store Brand Infant Formulas: Store Brand Infant Formulas are the ultimate parenting savings hack because they offer the same complete nutrition and meet the same FDA standards as the big-name brands, but cost up to 50% less. That's up to $900 a year in savings.

Parenting Hack #2

Car travel tips by Heather Eberly: Use plastic shower caps over the wheels of the stroller before putting it in the car if they are dirty or muddy. The caps keep the dirt, mud, and germs from invading your trunk! Or, keep bed wetting pads in the car to use as changing pads, to cover the trunk carpet for a dirty or wet stroller, or to put in the back seat to keep snacks or water from going down the cracks. If baby's feet can touch the back of the seat, the pads can also hang from the headrest to keep muddy shoes from ruining the upholstery.

Parenting Hack #3:

Change the bed with your eyes closed, by Serenella Dougherty: Buy multiple mattress protector sheets and fitted sheets...3 or 4. Put them all on the bed, one on top of each other. This way, when they wet the bed in the middle of the night you just pull off a sheet and mattress protector and you're set to go back to sleep.

Parenting Hack #4

Making Noisy Toys Quieter: Noisy toys can drive new parents crazy - they go off randomly and wake your child up. Your kids are just learning how to play, so they tend to do the same thing over and over again. This tip in the video below shows you how to tone the sound down by putting tape over the speaker. Win!

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