This Woman Created an App Like Tinder for Moms

Peanut was designed to help women at all stages of motherhood connect, share advice and find support

By Peanut May 17, 2021

When Michelle Kennedy had her first baby, she realized that nothing is capable of preparing you for the confusion and loneliness that motherhood can entail. Her girlfriends weren’t at the stage in their lives where they were having children, and even if some were, they lived far away. 

Michelle felt frustrated by the existing products aimed at mothers because they felt outdated and old fashioned. So, as someone who helped launch successful dating app Bumble, she decided to take everything she had learned from facilitating romantic relationships and apply it to modern motherhood.

That’s when Peanut was born. Michelle created a brand new app to help women at all stages of motherhood find friendship, support, and advice.

Peanut Founder Michelle Kennedy

Peanut connects you with a community of moms

The premise of Peanut is simple: Whether you’re a mom, pregnant, or trying to conceive, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information, and offer valuable advice. 

Introducing you to women nearby, the app is a safe space to have conversations across meaningful topics from sex and feminine health to IVF, pregnancy, first years, and beyond. Safety and accountability has been in Peanut’s DNA since inception, making it one of the most trusted spaces online for women today.

The Peanut app has connected me with a community of incredible women, each with their own story and experiences. Being able to chat and ask for advice is so reassuring. Especially during these isolating times. This app is my go-to; it’s a lifesaver!


Until Peanut, there hasn’t been a single platform intentionally built to serve women in their fertility and motherhood journeys, leaving so many seeking companionship at a time in their lives when they need it most. Throughout the pandemic, the app has become a trusted resource for women everywhere, with many citing it as a “life.” 

With over 2 million women using Peanut, it’s become a coveted destination for women looking to connect.