7 Amazing DIY Costume Ideas For Kids

Macaroni KID publishers share their favorite DIY kid costumes through the years

By Macaroni KID October 10, 2022

Halloween DIY costumes for children might take a bit longer to create than buying them at the store, but the end results can be one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you and your kids will always remember. They really don't even have to take that long to make — all you need is a fun idea and a willing kid!

We asked our creative Macaroni KID publishers for pictures of their favorite DIY kid costumes through the years. Here are seven we loved:

Elliott and E.T.

It's time for Allison Tursi's son to take E.T. to phone home! This cute DIY kid's costume is perfect for the younger set who have difficulty keeping up on Halloween or don't like bulky costumes. Allison, the publisher for Macaroni KID Holbrook, The Ronkonkomas, Centereach, Coram, N.Y., simply strapped a basket to her son's push trike, and added a stuffed animal E.T. covered with a white blanket — just like the movie. "Elliott" simply needed a red sweatshirt with the hood pulled up to complete this E.T.-inspired costume.

Butterfly catchers and butterfly

Macaroni KID Camarillo - Ventura - Oxnard, Calif., publisher Christine Delgado loves family costumes and came up with this fun idea to go as a butterfly, while her husband and son went as butterfly catchers. They simply dressed in khaki and she pinned butterflies to their shirts and safari hats. Add a net covered in butterflies — plus their beautiful mom as the butterfly who got away — and you have a family costume that takes off.


Rather than spring for an expensive Ghostbusters costume, Connie Tanaka — the publisher of Macaroni KID Irvine, Calif. — and her son created their own! A white jacket with a Ghostbusters emblem and a backpack made from recycled materials, tape, ribbon, and other odds and ends they found in the house created a Ghostbusters costume that scared away all the ghouls.

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Monsters Inc.

It's Boo! Allison Tursi also created this costume for her little girl of the adorable Monsters Inc. child, Boo, who isn't scared of monsters. Pigtails and a DIY monster outfit for Boo — made from fabric, a mop head, and googly eyes — perfected this not-so-scary look. To complete the family ensemble, Allison and her husband dressed in onesies to rep Boo's favorite monsters.

Crazy Cat Lady

Feline catty this Halloween? Kara Guillard, the publisher of Macaroni KID Youngstown, Ohio, dressed her toddler up as a crazy cat lady last Halloween. She simply found cat leggings, a cat T-shirt and then rounded out the costume with an adorable teensy robe and oversized glasses. She pinned a few cat stuffed animals to her daughter's clothes and — voilá — crazy cat lady was born!

Cotton Candy

Sweet on your kid? This cotton candy costume might be the answer! Jenna Slade, the publisher of Macaroni KID Saugerties - Catskill - Hudson - Rhinebeck, N.Y., created this sweet costume for her daughter. A simple triangle hat created the cone, and she used polyester filling and spray paint to create the cotton candy. 


This adorable tropical bird is a creation by Sara Yaniga, Macaroni KID Chicago Midtown, Ill., publisher. Sara used felt to create the feathers, which she attached using fabric glue to a "cape" made from an old pillowcase. She attached the cape to her daughter's dress with safety pins. She glued googly eyes and a felt beak to a bonnet to finish the look. Squawk!