Meet Our Favorite New Book Character: Sprout, the Adorable Houseplant

Meet the unbe-leaf-ably cute character with mulch to learn in the new book, 'Sprout Branches Out'

By Macaroni KID February 7, 2023

Just in time for spring comes a story of the most grumpy — but unbe-leaf-ably adorable — two-leafed houseplant you've ever met, named Sprout.

Sprout Branches Out is author Jessika von Innerebner's first book featuring this wonderful character. This feel-good tale is the perfect home library addition for fans of books such as The Bad Seed and Grumpy Monkey.

A little plant with big lessons to learn

Sprout lives on a small porch, in a little town. She only has two leaves and knows why — home is just not enough for her! She needs to venture out to the wild woods, the wise forest, and the lush jungle to find what she needs to thrive.

But once she’s out in the world? Well, Sprout quickly learns that what she really needs may not be what she thought at all. It turns out she has mulch to learn.

The adorable Sprout is sure to captivate the hearts of young readers everywhere this spring!

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